The CAUC has been founded to provide a leadership and entrepreneurial-centered education to students, and develop leaders with strong moral and ethical character. Besides, it is the goal of the University to maintain an environment that promotes diversity and access without regard to race, colour, gender, religion, nationality, age or disability.

The motto of the University College is

“Shining as Light; Holding forth the Word”.Philippians 2:16.

Institutional Vision

The CAUC-Ghana seeks to become a distinguished seat of learning for its academic quality that emphasizes Integrity, Academic Achievement and Employability

Institutional Mission

CAUC-Ghana exists to provide excellent Christian-centered education that seeks to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, moral, ethical and social development of students. And, through university extension, the CAUC-Ghana will provide continuing education for students to improve their job skills, marketability and enhance the quality of their lives.