Accommodation & Facilities

A major benefit of attending a Christ Apostolic University College is the highly extensive, subsidised accommodation that is offered to nearly all Undergraduate students. This frees students from various frustrations associated with the finding of suitable accommodations around campus and having to deal with landlords. All CAUC freshmen undergraduates are offered accommodation in College-owned hostels for a full year in their degree course. Students can however choose maintain their accommodation for the duration of the programme at highly subsidised rates. Rents in College-owned hostels are substantially lower than the commercial rates charged in Kwadaso – Kumasi. At the same time the facilities offered in the hostels are exceptional, both in terms of daily living, studying and recreation.

College-owned Hostels

These are conveniently situated, either very near to the College or near the Kwadaso main market. Nearly all rooms in our hostels are single self-contained study rooms. Though designed to conveniently house one student, students can share depending on students’ financial situations.


All meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) are available in the College’s Cafeteria. The Cafeteria is well furnished with comfortable furniture and the meals served are prepared under extreme hygienic conditions by our hospitality department staff. No meals are compulsory and meals are highly affordable.

Information Technology

All students are given access credentials to the University’s -wide high-speed data network, and if you have your own computer you can use it to access our Internet services any where on campus. If you do not have a personal computer, our well-resourced Computer Laboratory is available to you during the day. Our ICT technical team is available to assist students’ with any Software as well as Computer hardware issues they may have.

Junior Common room (JCR)

Our JCR facility is equipped with satellite television and other recreational digital facilities to help students rest comfortably during breaks.