Applying to The Christ Apostolic University College

The Christ Apostolic University College is always seeking to offer admission to prospective students from all over the world, as a result, we have no quotas or targets as far as our International Students’ recruitments is concerned.

The application process for international students is the same as it is for students applying from Ghana, therefore please see the “How to Apply” and “Entry Requirements” on our website for more information.

Whilst the application process itself is quite straight forward, we acknowledge that there are a number of additional issues international students will need to consider when applying to The Christ Apostolic University College, this includes the English Language, Visas and immigration. However, our International Admissions Department is ever ready to address all possible concerns you may have in this regard. We also accept other entry qualifications from many different countries.

These qualification are however examined carefully based on The National Accreditation Board’s criteria for admissions into any of our accredited programmes.

Making the transition

To help make a smooth transition to CAUC, our International Admissions Department provides a great deal of support in several areas to assist all international students at CAUC.

Fees and funding

Our financial Services department at CAUC have designed very flexible and convenient financial solutions to all billing and funding concerns any international student may encounter in choosing to study at CAUC. Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning any of such concerns