Deans of Schools;
Members of Academic Board
Continuing Students;
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Good Morning.

On behalf of the Chancellor, Chairman and members of the University Council, members of the Academic Board, Staff, continuing students of CAUC and on my own behalf, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this solemn ceremony of matriculation.

Matriculation is simply a ceremony for the enrolment of students in a college or university.  It is during the matriculation ceremony that you formally acquire studentship status of the University by taking the “matriculation oath” like the one that you have taken today after writing your names in the register of students. We are today matriculating 383 students comprising 187 undergraduate degree students, 66 diplomates and 129 Certificate students..

We are delighted that you have joined us, and that you are now part of the CAUC family. By choosing to enroll at the CAUC, you are joining a Christian centered institution that seeks to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, moral, ethical and social development of students. The vision of this university emphasises integrity, academic achievement and employability.

For you as students, you join a university at a particularly momentous time in the history of our dear country Ghana. The lack of basic morality and ethics has eroded efficiency and effectiveness in many business operations. The Christ Apostolic university College places emphasis on hard work and high moral standards . It therefore frowns upon all forms of indiscipline. I therefore admonish you to stay away from all vices like cultism, robbery, examination malpractices narcotic drugs and sexual harassment  that could  damage your peaceful stay on campus.  The university will not condone any form of indiscipline. That is part of the reason why we run a course on ethics, morality and social responsibility.
You must therefore respect your matriculation oath and endeavor  to be persons of value, persons who will be useful to themselves and society and, indeed the motto of this university college:" shinning as light holding forth the word ".

On employability, gone are the days when  employers hovered on the campuses of our universities poaching and offering employment to students even before they graduate. For the first time in the history of this country, we now have the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana (UGAG). Rightsizing downsizing and reorganization, very common global features, has led to smaller workforce where employees with multiple skills are most appreciated. This demands that individuals possess skills in virtually every field. In this wise,  we are committed and dedicated to  prepare our students with the skills which will set them apart at the workplace. All our programmes have therefore been designed to provide students with valuable business, management and entrepreneurial skills which will help them succeed in the modern business environment.. In addition, the CAUC will be running professional and other courses during the long vacation for small fee.
As you might have discovered, we have a highly experienced and motivated academic staff handling our programmes They are therefore well qualified to tutor and menfor you.

We believe that the best measure of educational success is the ability for an individual after completing secular education, not to just get a job and pay recurrent bills, but rather to be able to create jobs for themselves and others and run a profitable venture that creates wealth for your family, community and the country at large. Courses such as hospitality and tourism management and communication design, are designed to fit you into any profession you choose to apply yourself after completing this university education. Work is solving a problem and getting paid for it. Ghana is currently overwhelmed with numerous problems that require solution. You will need skills and knowledge to solve problems.  This is the real reason why you are here. You are here first and foremost to get a degree. Academic achievement is one means by which you achieve employability. But to attain the final objective of being employable and entrepreneurial you have to apply yourself to gaining knowledge, developing skills and finally being assessed to see how well you have managed this.
Those of you who desire and are determined to succeed in your life at the university should take note of the following:
attend all set lecturers, tutorials, seminars and workshops or laboratory sessions ,  pay attention, and take notes.
work for hours on your own, outside the formal class time
use your time effectively.

The CAUC is setting up a business incubation center this academic year. This means that while on or off campus, you can  think about how you can apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired at CAUC towards solving a problem in our society. The business incubation center will be there to guide and help you develop these ideas into a viable business. At this university, you will have access to four faculties, school of business, technology, theology and education. Experienced staff will be willing and capable to support, teach and direct your formative career path.

Let me once again congratulate you for your matriculation; and I rejoice with you that you have reached this stage.


Thanks you and God Richly Bless you.